Michela Bonani

Michela Bonani

PhD Candidate, Economics

Tilburg University


I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics at Tilburg University and affiliated with the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). My main research interests are in the areas of empirical industrial organization and the economics of innovation. In my research, I use structural models to study the interplay between technology standards, patents, and industry structure, and how this interaction can stimulate technological progress.

My supervisors are Florian Schuett, Christoph Walsh, and Tobias Klein. My job market paper is available here.

  • Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Law and Economics
  • MSc Economics and Social Sciences, 2014

    Bocconi University

  • BSc Management and Business Administration, 2011

    Bocconi University

Working Papers

Work in progress

Standardization and Patent Portfolio: Understanding Firms' Choices in Standard Projects

This paper studies the relationship between joining a standardization project and the firms' patent portfolio choices. Firms declare patents as essential to multiple standards issued by several organizations, and technology standards in the ICT sector share multiple technology classes. Focusing on a set of firms who declare to own essential patents to several standards issued by different organizations, I study how firms decide in which standards to invest and how they construct their patent portfolio in relation to the rules endorsed by Standard Development Organizations.


A full version of my CV is available here.



Econometrics for ECO (BSc in Economics), Fall 2021


Econometrics for ECO (BSc in Economics), Fall 2020

Industrial Economics (BSc in Economics) and Data communication for policy analysis (Bsc in Economics), Spring 2020

Industrial Economics (BSc in Economics), Spring 2019

Industrial Economics (BSc in Economics), Spring 2018

Microeconomics: Theory and Analysis (BSc in Economics), Fall 2017